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Board of Directors

Chairman - Clay Vogt, Chris John, Carl Henderson, Terry Helton, Mitchell Terry, Brenda Swyers, Terry Snodgrass, Charles Henderson, Dr. Loyal Henderson, D.V.M.


Clay Vogt, CEO/President
Chris John, CFO/Executive Vice President
Terry Helton, Executive Vice President
Terry Snodgrass, Vice President/Cashier
Beth Clinkenbeard, Vice President
Mark Hayes, Vice President/Senior Loan Officer
Peggy Rowden, Vice President/Compliance Officer/BSA Officer
Sandra Brown, Vice President
H. Alan Zepp, Vice President
Angela Rowden, CRA Officer
Donna Campbell, Vice President
Cindy Dworek, Asst. Vice President
Tammy Kleffner, Asst. Vice President
Paula Schwartze, Asst. Vice President
Sarah Stratman, Asst. Vice President
Amber Bock, Asst. Vice President
Christine Stockton, Asst. Vice President
Annette Watson, Asst. Vice President
Gary Strope, Chief Information Officer
Carla Meyer, Operations Officer (St. Robert)
Melissa Matney, Loan Officer
Nyla Bassett, Loan Officer
Hannah McKinney, Loan Officer
Amber Gehlert, Loan Officer

Branch Management

Clay Vogt, Vienna - President/CEO
Joyce Brunnert, Argyle - Branch Manager
Scott Renkemeyer, Owensville - Branch President
Tina Vrba, Dixon - Branch President
Sarah Stratman, Belle - Branch President
Bill Baxter, Vichy - Branch Manager
Brad Shelton, St. Robert - Branch President
Beth Myers, Richland - Branch President
Todd Minnick, Iberia - Branch President
Tim Seams, St. James - Branch President